Feb 24, 2011

Libya: fake war Gaddafi vs NATO = illuminati theater

Published before the fake war "Gaddafi vs illuminati" began, notes updated:

Libya: NATO plans
- plan A (partition Libya with oil under Gaddafi's control, rebels bombed if they try to move west) - ONGOING
- plan B (military occupation of Libya by NATO, Gaddafi promised the same coma in Saudi Arabia as Ben Ali or Mubarak)

Plan B - posted as illuminati media begins non-stop broadcast of Gadaffis speeches, February 2011:
ILLUMINATI order Qaddafi & son: KILL as many as you can to trigger our occupation. You will get the same coma as Ben Ali and Mubarak
There is only ONE reason why Gadaffi is playing crazy and pushing the Lybian genocide as far as his mercenaries can.
Gadaffi is only doing what he was told by the illuminati, once the illuminati realized that Gadaffi had no chance: paving the way for the military occupation by NATO.
Gaddafi knows he has nothing to fear, he was promised the same coma in Saudi Arabia as Ben Ali or Mubarak

Plan A - posted hours after the NATO fake war against Gadaffi began:
in the first day of supposedly air strikes against Gaddafi in fact NATO downs the only rebel airplane and bombs rebel defenses in Misratah (only city west of Brega under rebel control).
Gadaffi mercenaries under the command of british SAS managed to retake Zawyiah in the west and the oil facilities at Ras Al Lanouf and Brega.
MAKE NO MISTAKE: as soon as rebels will move to retake Brega and Ras Al Lanouf, NATO will bomb them to oblivion. Because the A plan is ongoing (partition Libya with oil under Gaddafi's control).

April 1, 2011 - After weeks of the fake illuminati war against Gadaffi, Gadaffi's planes bomb last 3 cities (Misrata, Zintan, Brega) preventing illuminati plan to partition Libya.
In these cities the battle is: the people armed with automatic weapons vs Gaddafis's tanks, jets and an army composed of 60% mercenaries.
NATO reaction to the rebels trying to retake the oil facilities at Brega and Ras Al Lanouf and still resisting the Gaddafi's tanks at Misrata, third largest city in Libya.
"NATO has sternly warned the rebels in Libya not to attack civilians as they push against the government of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi."
This is not a joke. This is what was predicted by Prophet, as he exposed the fake NATO war vs Gaddafi.

April 2, 2011 - NATO bombs the rebels as they try to retake Brega, murdering 10 fighters and six civilians in an ambulance. 
Related video by RT: Rebels 'confused' as strike kills 13, more dead in Gaddafi attacks:

April 4, 2011 - see second post 04/04/2011 08:29 AM at "NATO DESTROYED LIBYAN REACTOR", to prevent rebels from taking control of it:

April 7, 2011: NATO bombs all tanks of rebels as they try to retake Brega, murdering 15 fighters injuring dozens of fighters.

How the illuminati have been fooling the beasts with this kind of illuminati theater
US Attack to Iran Hoax, the fake war Ahmadinejad vs. US, broken record is a Best Seller Hoax:
http://iran-hoax.blogspot.com/] for dummies or NATO v Jihad Hoax[/url]

original deleted by the CIA, but parts still here, timestamped 2 March 2011:
Only ONE reason why Gadaffi is playing crazy and pushing the genocide as far as his mercenaries can: the B plan.
21 March 2011:
8 Apr 2011, the exact date of comment by Last Prophet (Truth666) to "Rebels 'confused' ..." video, preserved in archive: