Jul 15, 2014

Donetsk coup by fake rebels sent by "Putin" after attacking referendum organizers

Donetsk: May 16 coup: nazi agents sent by "Putin" take control of the leadership, after attacking the referendum organizers
Illuminati repeat the fake rebels (ISIS) coup of Syria in the Donetsk republic. 
Only difference; in the Ukraine the fake rebels don't have to openly attack the real rebels.

Ukraine: **FAKE** rebels sent by "Putin": Donetsk prime-minister Borodai, military commander Strelkov, Vostok batallion's Khodakovsky
ALL nazi agents sent by impostor "Putin" alias by the illuminati to play fake rebels in order to defeat the real rebels.

That's why all of them:
- swear that an airliner downed while suggesting that the rebels did it.
- sell the core lie: "Putin" s not a traitor but a patriot, "the commander in chief". They "prove" it with the ultimate "black is white" transformation: "Purpose of Kiev is to draw Russia into war with Ukraine":
- "Putin officially stops the theater of promising to protect ethnic russians and anti-fascists as soon as the genocide starts" is rewritten as "Ukrainians are bombing civilians to cause Putin to intervene".

Now you know why: 
- Igor Strelkov orders to abandon Slavyansk.
- Strelkov's convoy could leave surroundeded Slavyansk without being attacked, what he justified as "we turned off the lights" ...
- Khodakovsky sent dozens of freedom fighters to a certain death in the first operation to supposedly try to take the Donetsk Airport. 
(added) - Alexander Borodai plays drunk while being "interviewed" after the fake Boeing was "downed".

Nazi agents in the role of fake rebels at work:
Rewriting "Putin stops the theater of pretending to protect ethnic russians and anti-fascists as the genocide starts" as "Ukrainians bombing civilians to cause Putin to intervene":
Jul 13: Strelkov: Purpose of Kiev is to draw Russia into war with Ukraine.
Strelkov is sure that Kiev is ready to do anything to draw Russia into a military conflict in the south-east of Ukraine. 
This explains why Ukrainian army is starting to shell the city of Donetsk. 

Ultimate threat against anyone exposing Putin: accusing them of treason:
Strelkov's terrorizing critics of "Putin", introduced by rewriting "Crimea voted in a referendum to join Russia" as "Putin took Crimea", the same lie propagated by illuminazi media:
"having taken Crimea, Putin began a revolution from the top. ...
During war, mutiny against the Commander-in-Chief is tantamount to a betrayal of the Fatherland."

(added) Suggesting that the rebels did it:
In an interview with Reuters last week, a separatist leader said that Russia may have supplied the separatists with BUK rockets, which were used to shoot down Malaysia Airlines flight MH17.
Alexander Khodakovsky, commander of the Vostok Battalion, told Reuters: "I knew that a BUK came from Luhansk (in east Ukraine) ... I heard about it. I think they sent it back. Because I found out about it at exactly the moment that I found out that this tragedy (of MH17) had taken place. They probably sent it back in order to remove proof of its presence."

2 weeks later, 30 July 2014: Fake "rebels" used to stage a major act in simulated reality:
Fake Boeing 777 with ZERO passengers: half a dozen dummies planted near parts of a plane, black plastic bags to suggest "300 bodies in a refrigerated train", all in "area controlled by rebels". 

Jan 2015: Donetsk airport battle until Jan 15, 2015 - milestone in simulated reality, where some people actually die and a brand new airport is totally destroyed.

"Putin", Zakharchenko, Plotnitsk are not only traitors but also assassins:from commander Bednov and mayor Ishchenko to militias

Mariupol false flag for dummies - 5 seconds at a Donetsk funeral it's all it takes to get the FULL story
Fake rebel Zakharchenko has the leading role to suggest that "the rebels did it"

April 2014:HOAX "Pro-Russian militants order Jews in Ukraine to register" for dummies - Black is white.
One year later no longer need for a psy-op to discredit the freedom fighters: infiltrator Zajhaehenko as "pro-russian" leader is all it takes.

Russia: 70 years later Nazis come again for their Lebens(t)raum. Impostor impersonating murdered Putin opens the gates:

2014 May: Ukraine: Illuminati jokes: Fake jews: Igor vs Igor alias Kolomoisky vs Plotnitsky, where the better pig lookalike is casted on the bad side:
Note added March 25, 2015: Igor Kolomoisky detonates according to the script revealed in advance only by Last Prophet.

To what lengths the illuminati go serving fake rebels to the audience: why illuminati created ISIS in Syria: