Aug 20, 2016

Hasakah Assad v Kurds FAKE Turkey coup script

HEADLINES: ALL THEATER, from fake Turkey coup to these fake wars:
Jaish Al-Islam vs Assad in East Ghouta = First Coastal Division v Assad in Latakia mountains = YPG & US v ISIS in Manjib = Assad & Russia v ISIS in Palmyra = YPG v Assad in Hasakah.

Hasakah, NE Syria: Assad v Kurds - FAKE war for dummies:
THEATER using treasonous kurd "leaders" of PYD/YPG. scripted by the same gang that used CGI to serve fake airliners crashing on 9/11 2001. 
Hasakah fake war launched Aug 15 2016, one month after the fake Turkey coup: no wonder, it's part of the same script.
Unlike the theater "Turkey v Russia", staged after "Putin" started non-stop bombing, it didn't require any fake air force crashes until now.

Hasakah theater Assad v YPG Kurds: part of same script as fake Turkey coup
Goal: to set the stage for this chapter: "Erdogan sends ground troops to help Assad fight ISIS and prevent Kurds from creating a separate state".
This is the cover-up to have Erdogan officially enter the war by terror against civilians and syrian freedom fighters (a move timed in sync with the China puppets), to join: 
- Assad/Iran/Hezbollah/YPG (as well as in reality also ISIS) on the ground 
- Russia/US led coalition in the air. 

When does it start? Answer:
The day after the 2014 winter Olympics ended "Putin entered Crimea" - The day after the 2016 summer Olympics ends Erdogan will enter Syria
It's called Illuminati parallel scripts.

Aug 2016 - Hasakah, Syria: Illum,inati THEATER of the fake war type: 
Footage: Asayish forces destroying posters of Assad in Hasakah today.
YPG Spox Xelil: Assad government sees victories against ISIS as its own defeat so attacking us with jets and heavy weapons
Aug 18 - Hasakah illuminati  theater "Assad air bombing YPG
Contrast fake wars with the reality the IV Reich war by terror - in this case the non-stop bombings of Daraya, the same day as the bombings for the camera at Hasakah

For the FAKE Coup attempt in Turkey start here,
The day after the 2014 winter Olympics ended "Putin entered Crimea" - The day after the 2016 summer Olympics ends Erdogan will enter Syria

... or here:
Multipliers at the end of the show: recreate nazi crowds for 2016 Hitler milestones: Erdogan rally, Clinton votes

YPG & USA vs ISIS is a fake war, same as Assad/Russia vs ISIS.
Assad  = "Putin" = YPG "leaders" = Erdogan = illuminazi agents.
Theater IZIS vs naZIS on the ground officially supported by US led coalition & Russia = FAKE war used as cover-up to slaughter civilians.
FAKE war against ISIS staged by illuminazis. Agendas include a pretext to murder sunnis, christians and dissidents.
Last Prophet's words from May 2015:
Illuminati use fake wars to "destroy idols of false religions":
From real blood  in Dresden 1945 to fake blood in Palmyra, Syria 2015:
Palmyra, Syria 2015 = remake of Bamyan Buddhas, Afghanistan 2001
Hoaxes by the illuminati: From Srebrenica, a real battle and a fake massacre, to Palmyra, 20 years later a fake battle and a real genocide
Palmyra fake capture by ISIS and coming  "liberation" - Agendas

Kurd "leaders" of YPG in Syria = Bazani in Iraq =  kurd "leaders" of HDP in Turkey = illuminati agents, traitors to the Kurds
Turkey "bombings" against civilians, from Suruc to Ankara 2015, same as Turkey coup: all staged, FAKE blood, with treasonous Kurd leaders not only validating but also participating;  
Ankara Oct 2015:
All actors, ZERO dead. Some of these actors were already in the cast of the fake Suruç bombing, used to start air strikes on Kurds, months earlier.
Turkey Ankara bombings hoax, ZERO dead, remake of Suruc, actors reused, staged using the treasonous Kurdish HDP leaders
Now for treason in plain sight
2015: Illuminazi agents playing Kurdish leaders participating in Turkey's "democracy" :
Mockery of Kurds, having treasonous leaders of HDP participate for the first time in a government as Turkey's fighter jets start the air bombings of kurds in Iraq and Syria.
Illuminati media doing what the human cattle refuses to, or in other words adding 1+1 in one sentence:
"This is the first time MPs from a pro-Kurdish party have cabinet seats and comes as the government is waging a remorseless offensive against Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) militants."
ISIS are fake rebels used to fight and discredit the real rebels in Syria and there's none in Iraq.
ISIS mercenaries are supplied by two fake sunni governments, the treasonous illuminazi puppets of Turkey and Saudi Arabia.
Turkish supply of ISIS includes NATO soldiers dressed as jihadists, all part of ASSAD's nazi forces.
Islamic State ISIS - the SIX basic facts for dummies