Aug 29, 2013

Islamic State ISIS: fake rebels in Syria; relabeled real rebels in Iraq - for dummies

IISIS "rules" the city of Raqqa, Syria - for dummies

ISIS mercenaries in Syria 
Fake rebels created not only for the fake war "against" Assad but also for the real war against the real rebels.

These professional killers range from turkish NATO soldiers to chechens supplied by "Putin", all trained to slaughter civilians.

There's no ISIS in Iraq. 
Even after the liberation of Mosul ISIS is still presented as the Iraqi rebels due to TOTAL media control and the treasonous fake sunni governments of Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Barzani in Iraq's Kurdistan.

Syria March 2013: "Liberation of Raqqa" hoax - fake rebels enter the Syria war
RAQQA for dummies vs the time you've spent reading ISIS fake news: read and weep about yourself.

Why illuminati created the Raqqa mini-state 2013, now presented as "the ISIS caliphate"
1. to propagate the fake war "against" Assad as real, to make the audience believe the theater "Russia supports Assad but NATO and Gulf states support the syrian rebels".
2. for a real war: to fight and discredit the real rebels in Syria and Iraq by marketing atrocities.
3. Use these atrocities to upscale the "genocide of christians and sunnis" agenda by the Assad's official forces from covert to "in plain signt" and beyond, supposedly as marketing strategy.
4. Raqqa, along the border with Iraq, was the selected location because 100,000 NATO mercenaries left Iraq in 2011.
Having the syrian-iraqi border secured by fake rebels was part of preventing the collapse of the Baghdad puppet regime, by disrupting contact between the real syrian rebels and the iraqi patriotic forces lead by Izzat al-Douri.

How illuminati staged the creation of the Raqqa mini-state
1. To  have the audience believe that "NATO and Gulf states support the syrian rebels", illuminati media broadcasted truth in plain sight: footage of fake rebels, alias mercenaries sent by the illuminati puppet governments of Turkey (NATO), Saudi Arabia and Russia (chechens), dressed as jihadists, entering Syria at Tal Abyad (turkish border) on their way to "liberate Raqqa". 
2. Illuminati media: "Raqqa: Syria's  first provincial capital captured by the rebels".
Reality: There was no fight, Assad's butchers pulled back from Raqqawhile keeping a nearby base, some of them just started playing a new role, fake rebels.
3. Setting the stage to discredit the real rebels, the hoax was initially propagated as "Raqqa liberated by Al-Nusra and Free Syrian Army" and the fake rebels dressed used the same black flag as Al-Nusra.

Raqqa - parallel and reversed terror propaganda script to Assad:
- Assad, Iran's nazi guard and Lebanon's Hezbollah reducing Syria to rubble by air bombing civilians nearly totally censored by illuminati media.
- On the other hand the main goal for the terror of the fake rebels in Raqqa was to propagate it in the illuminati media.
The first Raqqa production was a series of drive-by shootings. Mass beheadings, heads sticked on poles and crucifixions followed.

Why Raqqa's fake rebels were renamed to ISIS
Illuminati only created the ISIS brand months after the Raqqa mini-state, by renaming ISI, a purely virtual rebel group created solely to claim responsabilty for state terror in Iraq, from fake bombings to real massacres of christians and sunnis by the genocidal Baghada puppet regime. 
Reason: illuminati in disbelief  had to admit that:
- despite Assad/Iran/hezbollah's unprecedented terror war on civilians the rebels were advancing.
- Iraqi freedom fighters were about to liberate the first major city, Fallujah;

The mission of the fake rebels was extended with three new goals:
1. to fight the real rebels in Aleppo, Syria's largest city and close to the turkish border. 
2. to expell kurds from Syria's region bordering Turkey (Kobani).
3. to confuse the audience about the war in Iraq, by starting to also call ISIS to the MCIR patriotic rebels under the command of Izzat al-Douri and propagating the caliphate hoax.

The only change in Raqqa: 
- the fake rebels replaced the black flag of Al-Nusra by the new ISIS black flag and the caliphate became part of the rethoric.

ISIS v Assad: How poorly staged the hoax is:
The situation in Syria immediately exposes the ISIS hoax:
Raqqa is "coincidentally" the only city that was never bombed by Assad's airforce.
No longer need to add to the picture that the one and only target of ISIS are the real rebels, from Al-Nusra to the Free Syrian Army.

ISIS used beyond staging fake wars and fighting real rebels.
Also in the future to stage "terror attacks against civilians in Europe and USA".
Islamic State ISIS - the SIX basic facts for dummies
First one details all the main goals.

2013 August: Iraq same as Syria same as Afghanistan:
Illuminati media shows only fake rebels (ISIL), fake fights and Assad & his butchers, totally censors reality

Donetsk Republic: May 16 2014 coup: fake rebels  sent by "Putin" take control of the leadership, after attacking  the real rebel leaders, the referendum organizers:

Sunni majority cities in Iraq: Fallujah, Tikrit, Mosul, Ramadi: two milestones in extreme media deception in the History of Genocide and War
Mosul, Iraq: Milestone for "news" deception in end times:
Feb 2016: the second largest city in Iraq is served for now almost two years as controlled by the "ISIS caliphate" while in reality it was liberated by the iraqi patriots of the General Military Council for Iraqi Revolutionaries (MCIR) led by Izzat-al Douri.
Same as what happened in Tikrit and Ramadi.
Original article from Jun 2014, extended with Tikrit and Ramadi "liberated by the Iraqi army" "after reduced to rubble by US air force and iranian militias.

March 2016 - Yemen: Aden nuns: false flag, real blood after countless fake Sanaa suicide bombings:
Fake war Assad/Iran/Russia & US led coalition vs ISIS pales in comparison with the fake war in "Saudi led coalition vs Houthis" in Yemen