May 25, 2015

Palmyra fake capture by ISIS, real genocide, COMING "liberation"

Palmyra fake capture by ISIS, real genocide, COMING "liberation"
Last Prophet's words from May 2015, as ISIS "captures" Palmyra. 
Chapter added 2016, in context: "liberation of Palmyra" and "UN aid convoy bombed".

Stop clicking illuminati theater IZIS vs naZIS. The agendas of this fake blood series include a cover-up to slaughter civilians.
Hoaxes by the illuminati: From Srebrenica, a real battle and a fake massacre, to Palmyra, 20 years later, a fake battle and a real genocide.
Palmyra, Syria 2015 = remake of Bamyan Buddhas, Afghanistan 2001. It uses the same general U-turn technique as "MH17: Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 downed in Ukraine".

Reminder from May 2015:
Palmyra fake capture by ISIS, real genocide, COMING "liberation"
Palmyra is a sunni city. As predicted Assad alias the illuminati repeat Raqqa: illuminazi shock troops change uniforms, from Assad's "Syrian Army" to ISIS.
The bigger the lie the more people will believe it: served as "300 dead in battle for Syria's Palmyra".

Palmyra Syria: fake capture by ISIS and "liberation" by Assad - Agendas
1. To divert from a real battle lost by the nazi forces in Ramadi against the freedom fighters of the General Military Council for Iraqi Revolutionaries, led by Izzat al-Douri.
2. To confuse the audience with the headline "ISIS loses one battle in Palmyra, Syria, but wins another one in Ramadi, Iraq". 
Reminder: illuminati media calls ISIS to Iraq's freedom fighters although ISIS is not even present in Iraq.
3. To upscale the genocide in the form of public executions: from dozens beheaded in Raqqa to hundreds executed in Palmyra in just one day.
4. To stage a victory for Assad, as diversion from the series of defeats of Assad's nazi forces, with total disarray prevented only by the airstrikes of the "US led coalition".
In other words: unlike the Raqqa script, Palmyra will stay under "ISIS control" just the time required to slaughter thousands of sunni women and children.
5. Set the stage for russian ground troops.

Added 2016 - Episodes in context: Palmyra "liberated"; UN aid convoy "bombed"
1. Easter 2016: Palmyra "liberated" by Russia/Assad, script completed. Part of satanic celebrations which:
- "coincidentally" included Srebrenica and a fake Karadzic.
- on the other hand and for the 5th consecutive time, failed to include the scripted climax. 
In other words: illuminati forced to postpone the "resurrection of Osama Bin Laden in Jerusalem, crucified to the missing Boeing 777" (an act orginally scripted for 2012) due to failure to crush the syrian rebels.
2. Sep 2016 another psy-op using the same general U-turn technique as in Palmyra: UN aid convoy "bombed", 
- "coincidentally" a remake of MH17, with "airliner" replaced by "convoy" and "syrian" replacing "pro-russian" in the "rebels" context. 
In other words, both scripts end with the the same final line: "investigation concluded that it was a missile fired by the rebels".

May 17, 2015 - Nearly 300 dead in battle for Syria's Palmyra: monitor / IS jihadists take Ramadi but pinned back in Palmyra
The Islamic State group sealed its capture of Ramadi Sunday after a dramatic pullout by Iraqi forces but was prevented by Syrian troops from taking the heritage site of Palmyra.

RT, worldwide the most important outlet of the illuminati web of disinformation.
Same as the rest of illuminati media, the only deaths reported about the syrian genocide are those using the ISIS cover-up:
ISIS kills 400, mostly women & children, in Palmyra – Syrian state TV

Palmyra, Syria 2015 = remake of Bamyan Buddhas, Afghanistan 2001
Kabul 2001 same as now: "ruled" illuminati puppets, at that time dressed as Taliban, also in the cast of "War on terror US liberates Afghanistan".
Reminder: illuminati media now calls Taliban to the mujaheddin, the Afghanistan's freedom fighters who were figting the Taliban in 2001.

Illuminati use fake wars to "destroy idols of false religions":
From real blood in Dresden 1945 to fake blood in Palmyra, Syria 2015:
Illuminati apparently bombing themselves - Germany 1945 to Syria 2015: 

Easter 2016: figurative and real crucifixions: from USA to Yemen. From a real battle and fake genocide at Srebrenica 1995 to fake Karadzic sentenced and fake battle and real genocide at Palmyra. And again no mock resurrection.

Sep 2016 - Syria "truce": UN aid convoy bombed hoax: Differences to Dresden 1945; Agendas

Genocide of syrians by illuminazi
From sunnis to anyone for simply living in a particular area.
This includes all of Syria: 
- areas officially controlled by Assad, Iran and Hezbollah mercenaries. Genocide of sunnis and anyone suspected of being a dissident, mostly behind closed doors, in jails alias extermination camps.
- liberated areas. Genocide with barrel bombs, chemical weapons from chlorine to choke gas. Latest example: Idlib, started days after it was liberated, March 2015.
- areas where illuminazi shock troops changed uniforms from Assad to ISIS (from Raqqa to now Palmyra). Genocide executed by public executions, from gunpoint to beheadings.

ISIS same as Hezbollah, Iran, USA and Russia's treasonous government: all trying to prevent the fall of Assad 
ISIS are fake rebels used to fight and discredit the real rebels in Syria and there's none in Iraq.
ISIS mercenaries are supplied by two fake sunni governments, the treasonous illuminazi puppets of Turkey and Saudi Arabia.
Turkish supply of ISIS includes NATO soldiers dressed as jihadists, all part of ASSAD's nazi forces.

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Fred Swetnam said...

Using the word "nazi" in this context is pretty silly.
According to this, the US army would be the most infamous one worldwide...

MattMarriott said...

To Fred Swetnam: genocide starting with bombing civilians, false flags, simulated reality of fake wars: all nazi tactics.
No wonder. Alexander Adolf Hitler is the current Illuminati Grand Master